The Editorial Board of AYV Newspaper has shamed SLAJ’s iVerify platform after the fact-checker claimed the newspaper made a false report on a meeting between the UK High Commissioner and Sierra Leone’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Timothy Musa Kabba.

The fact-checking platform blackballed AYV’s story to be false after they reported that the UK High Commissioner disclosed to the Foreign Minister that “the UK government is happy with President Bio’s electoral reforms”.

“This is to inform our readers that AYV Newspaper was right in its report on the statement made by the British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone,” the newspaper said.

They added that SLAJ iVerify was wrong and “misguided” to have tagged the article to be false.

The newspaper insinuated that iVerify is trying to justify donor funds but admonished that they do so by not damaging integrity of people and institutions. They affirmed that they will not tolerate their medium being tagged as inaccurate when they believe they are not.

AYV called on iVerify to put out an apology while declassifying the article to be false and misleading. They also said the fact-checking platform should “unreservedly apologise” to the editorial board.