In recent days there have been a series of attacks by some sections of the public against the hard-working Chairman and National Returning Officer of Commission (NEC), Mohamed Konneh.

The issue warranting the attack comes on the heels of a vacant Constituency 056 seat following the unannounced abandoning of this seat by the Member of Parliament, Hon. Jalloh that was representing this constituency but opted instead for the Paramount Chieftaincy which elections he won.

Though it is rumoured that his victory at the Paramount Chieftaincy election is currently being petitioned in a court of law, the reality is that, Mr. Konneh cannot be blamed because he could not have known that this seat would become vacant at such a time.

However, it is apparent that some sections of the general public are desperately trying to make it look as if Mr. Konneh is incompetent when in actual fact there are processes, procedures and guidelines NEC follows in such situations.

The Open Space Newspaper reports that, for the fact that dates have been announced for two other bye-elections in different parts of the country does not mean that a date for a bye-election in Constituency 056 will not be announced in due course.

NEC has its calendar of events and no amount of pressure and bad-mounting will deter it.