The Team Manager of Bo Rangers, Babadi Kamara has stated that he is committed to the development of football in Sierra Leone and remains unperturbed to distractors questioninng his source of wealth.

Kamara made this statement in response to bloggers and other citizens questioning his unexplained source of wealth.

Checkout his statemet below:

On a Sunday and under the hot burning sun I am here working for my country. The short term objective of my work is to ensure our most loved National Team Leone Stars play their next qualifying match here in Sierra Leone instead of going to neighbouring countries with no home advantage which mostly count against us.

I can’t be distracted by any blog against my personality for I know my inner self.

Most importantly, I can bet my life that those who steal don’t do what I do.

I am not actually disturbed by blogs but the numerous calls and messages from well wishers which keep interrupting my job. I appreciate you reaching out though.

Fixing our country is a job for all of us not juthe st government.”