The terrific fire accident reported to have occurred at the Bunduka street of Kabala town in Koinadugu district, the Northern Province of Sierra Leone, ravaged residential building, leaving 15 months old baby burnt to ash and a whole family displaced. 

According to reports from TV-News 24, speaking to witnesses and the affected family, a witness disclosed that the father had gone to work and that the mother had went out to the backyard of their house, where the bathroom was, to take her bath, leaving her children in the house. 

The witness added that the fire started while she was still taking her bath and the children, 15 months old baby girl and 3 years old boy, were sleeping in the house by then.  

Luckily, when the fire started, the 3 years old boy was able to escape unharmed but being that he is a child and do not have the strength and ability to save his baby sister, he rushed out leaving her behind. It was not long, when the mother whom had been bathing came to know of the incident from the loud ranting of the neighbors from trying to put out the fire and she quickly rushed to rescue her children. 

But when she got near the house the blazing fire had ravaged the roof of the house and the rage of the fire prevented her from reaching her child on time. 

Before they could put out the fire, the house worth millions of leones had almost burnt to ash together with the 15 months baby whose body had been burnt completely into ashes. 

I have lost my child and property worth millions of Leones, together with our home, but such is destiny, I believe,” the father, Adama Kondeh said. 

The cause of the fire is unknown and under investigations and the charred remains of the late 15 months old baby, Sirah Kondeh has been put to rest.