Firecracker, commonly known as banger, has caused the death of an industrious business tycoon, Borbor Bundu, in Daru, Jawie Chiefdom in the Kailahun District.

According to sources, Borbor Bundu was returning from the Tahajjud prayer (prayer offered by Muslims at night) at 20:00hrs on Tuesday 21st December 2021 when a loud unusual bang sound followed by lightning in the sky caused by the explosion of a firecracker was heard in the neighborhood.

Borbor Bundu who is said to be hypertensive immediately collapsed and died on the spot as a result of the shock.The readymade seller had just come from Guinea with goods he intended to sell during this festive season.

He was yesterday 22nd December 2021 interred at the Benduma cemetery. He is said to be the main sponsor of his extended family. Borbor was a friendly man who would do anything to help his fellow man. With him now gone; it’s unclear who will take care of his children and wife.

The illuminator of the banger is yet unknown. Residents say, they were reminded of the 10 years civil war when the blast happened. The pressure of other hypertensive patients in the neighborhood went up.

The explosion of banger is unlawful in Sierra Leone. At this time when hypertension is on the increase, it’s advisable for the community people and the law enforcement body to militate against those who illegally use it in their respective communities.