PW 7 in the ongoing murder Preliminary Investigation of substantive General Manager of Skye Bank, Ikubolaje Nicol alias Bola, told the jam packed Court No. 1 at Pademba Road, that the accused person who is facing 3 count charges of Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Murder and Perverting the Course of Justice, before Senior Magistrate Marke Ngegba, threw the body of his alleged victim, Sinnah Kai Kargbo a former marketer at Skye Bank, at the back of his car after Shuman Hospital rejected the dead body which was taken there on the pretext that the deceased was a sick person who needed medical attention.

PW 7, Maada Bundeh, who is a staff at Skye Bank, told the court that it was precisely 7am of 16th October 2022 that he got a call from suspected murderer, Ikubolaje Nicol who lied to him that he was attacked and was to meet him at Shuman Hospital at Putney Street.

Led in evidence by State Counsel Aruna Jalloh, PW 7 told the court that when he arrived at Shuman Hospital he was told by 2 nurses that the accused person had gone with the body of his alleged victim having dumped it in his car boot as Shuman Hospital has neither a morgue to keep the body, nor an ambulance to transport the body to the mortuary.

PW 7 said that he was met at Shuman Hospital by one Salifu whom he said was a house help for the accused person.

When PW 7 called the accused, he was told by him that he was with the corpse at Goderich.

He said that he was among those including the accused’s domestic staff, that accompanied the body to Columbia Davies Funeral Home.

Along the way to Columbia Davies, PW 7 said that they first went to Tengbe Town where a snap meeting was held to decide on where the body should be taken. Present was the main lawyer for the suspected murderer, Ikubolaje Nicol, Rowland Wright and one Sydney who is said to be an in law of the deceased. Another lawyer, Anrite Thompson who was to be later arrested and detained at the CID for 2 days on suspicion of trying to pervert the course of justice, also showed up.

At Columbia Davies Funeral Home where the body was finally taken, a fight was to break out between the sympathisers of the accused person and relatives of the deceased.

It was during this fight that the police showed up and arrested the accused.

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