Honourable Alie Bayoh, Member of Parliament representing Tunkia and Nomo chiefdoms in Kenema District, demonstrated compassion and leadership as he visited Jawahun Village, Swarrayla Section in Tunkia Chiefdom to provide aid and sympathy to fire victims.

In a display of solidarity, Hon. Alie Bayoh expressed condolences to the victims and outlined his immediate actions upon hearing the news. “I engaged the National Disaster Management Authority and Government and Humanitarian Organizations for interventions,” he stated, assuring the victims that despite the time it may take, the government prioritizes their welfare.

Hon. Bayoh distributed funds for immediate food needs and called for further assistance from the central government and philanthropists. He emphasized unity and urged the community to support each other during this challenging time, promising continued efforts to help the victims rebuild their lives.

The Chiefdom speaker and Regent Chief of Tunkia Chiefdom, Mohamed Mustapha Mansaray, commended Hon. Bayoh’s timely visit and support, highlighting his dedication to the welfare of the community. He prayed for Hon. Bayoh’s continued success and expressed hope that such disasters would not recur.

Sheku Swarray, a victim, expressed gratitude for Hon. Bayoh’s visit and assistance, urging fellow victims to remain resilient and plan for a fresh start. The engagement brought together stakeholders of Tunkia Chiefdom, who echoed support and solidarity for the affected community.

Hon. Alie Bayoh’s compassionate response to the fire disaster in Tunkia Chiefdom exemplifies effective leadership and community support during times of crisis. His commitment to aiding the victims and fostering unity serves as a beacon of hope for the affected community as they strive to rebuild and recover.