After joint statement of the Sierra Leone People’s Party’s Flag bearer Press Briefing, Sierra Leone’s President, Dr Julius Maada Bio addressed the youths of his party encouraging for peace in order to win the 2023 election.

Speaking from outside the party office, president Bio pleaded with the youths of SLPP to maintain peace and show that they responsible enough to lead Sierra Leone.

“If we want to win this election, we need to show that we are responsible. Not only me but we all must show that we are responsible, prepared and ready for leadership” said President Bio.

He appealed to them to be calm and not be bordered by all the provocations as leadership can only be obtained through peace and not by force.

“It’s not cussing or fighting will make us win the election. We have already won the election”

What happened here last week, please let it not repeat itself. Let us don’t do things that will make the people regret to give us power” he added.

He concluded by assuring them that they are going to win the election and that even the Almighty God has destined it for them, there they should try not to spoil it for themselves.

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