Residents of Moriba Town, Matagelama, Mogbwemo, and surrounding youth groups in Imperi Chiefdom, Bonthe District, are expressing frustration with electricity provider Powergen.

On April 17th, community members staged a protest citing a range of grievances concerning the poor quality and inconsistency of their electricity supply. The protestors highlighted issues including frequent power outages, voltage fluctuations and inadequate response times to service disruptions.

Residents told Sierraloaded that these problems significantly disrupt daily life. Households, businesses, and educational institutions all suffer from unreliable electricity. Access to essential services like healthcare and communication is also hampered.

Community members claim they have previously attempted dialogue with Powergen, but their concerns have not been adequately addressed. They criticize the company for a lack of communication and meaningful action.

The protestors have outlined a series of demands aimed at improving the electricity situation:

  1. Ensuring consistent and reliable electricity supply to the communities
  2. Upgrading infrastructure to prevent frequent power outages and voltage fluctuations
  3. Improving customer service and responsiveness to service disruptions
  4. Transparency in communication and accountability from Powergen regarding the provision of electricity services to the community. They insisted that “Powergen Must Go”