The Secretary General of Sierra Leone’s main opposition All People’s Congress (APC), Lansana Dumbuya has denied claims made by fellow party member and Member of Parliament, Alfred Thompson.

Thompson became the latest APC MP to be sworn in after the 24 June polls.

The APC MP took oath to join only party parliamentarian and minority leader, Mohamed Bangura. The two are the only out of the 54 elected APC to defy the party’s call to boycott government.

The Western Urban District Representative was among a number APC MPs that signed a dossier opting to boycott government and governance over disputed election results.

Thompson informed that public that he was under pressure from the leadership of the party to append his signature on the dossier.

But the Party’s scribe, Dumbuya has denied the allegations calling them to be completely “dishonest”.

Dumbuya said Thompson was never forced to sign the document and added that the electorates voted for the party and not individuals.

The APC scribe revealed that the party intends to take action against Thompson and Bangura, the new minority leader in Parliament.