Rugiatu Inatorma Sesay-Gbompee has been elected Paramount Chief of the Gbap Nongorba Bullom Chiefdom following a two-day election held on March 9th and 10th, 2024, in Gbap Town Court Barry.

Sesay-Gbompee emerged victorious in a runoff election against Sonny Kabakaba Alhaji after no candidate secured the required 55% majority vote threshold during the initial round.

Initial Round Results:

Rugiatu Inatorma Sesay-Gbompee: 340 votes (43.3%)
Sonny Kabakaba Alhaji: 224 votes (28.5%)
Tucker Tahiru B Alhisine: 054 votes (6.88%)
Tucker Bawillie Ibrahim: 108 votes (13.7%)
Tucker Tommy Baki John: 003 votes (0.3%)
Tucker Leslie Thomas: 046 votes (5.8%)
Tucker B. Therisa: 009 votes (1.52.)

Runoff Results:

Rugiatu Inatorma Sesay-Gbompee: 604 votes (88.43%)
Sonny Kabakaba Alhaji: 97 votes (11.57%)

Sesay-Gbompee’s victory fulfills the provisions outlined in the Chieftaincy Act of 2009, and she will be formally installed as Paramount Chief.

In an interview, supporters and family members of Sesay-Gbompee expressed their elation at her win. They noted that the paramount chief position had been absent from their family since 1906, and her victory marks a regaining of their past glory.

The official election results were signed by Hon PC Bio and endorsed by the Provincial Secretary, South.