A circulating video on social media has unveiled a distressing scene involving two young boys, aged 9 and 11, who were caught in possession of wraps containing kush and marijuana. 

The footage captures the unsettling sight of the boys seated on the ground, each clutching wraps of the illicit substances, while also holding a lighter in their other hand.

A questioner in the video said the two boys might have been influenced by some adult addicts and called on authorities to do the needful.

There has been a proliferation in the sale and usage of the K2 drug popularly known as kush. Police have made several raids and arrests in parts of the country but they recently called on the local population to help curb the spate at which the drug is affecting communities.

Recently, youths and some elders at Lumley, west of the capital Freetown raided selling point where they rounded several addicts.

Meanwhile, some of the country’s lawmakers have called on the Youths Minister, Mohamed Orman Bangura to present a position paper to the House on how to tackle the spread of the illicit drug.

The United Nations together with the World Bank said the youth population make up one third of Sierra Leone’s population. They added that about 70 percent are unemployed or underemployed with 50 percent illiterate or unskilled.