Mysterious young guy who mysteriously climbed to the extreme end of the National Cotton Tree at Siaka Stevens Street by the Sierra Leone Museum which attracted a lot of people including Police Officers, OSDs and the National Fire Force, has been arrested and taken to the criminal investigations department.

According to the video by Mohamed Kargbo, nobody knew how he got up there, as no one saw him climbing up. But when people noticed that he was up the tree, people rushed to catch a glimpse of what was going on. He attracted many attentions when he was struggling to come down.

After struggling for a while, he refused to continue trying. Police and other people around tried all they could to persuade him to come down but he refused, some even offered him money yet still he refused. That was when the safety officers at the national fire force used a ladder and climbed up to rescue him.

The safety officers forcefully pulled him slowly until they brought him down and took him to the criminal investigations department.