A 30-year-old man from west London lost his life in a jet ski accident while on a holiday getaway with his girlfriend in Sierra Leone.

The Standard reports that the unfortunate incident has prompted a rare ‘prevention of future deaths’ report from the coroner, shedding light on alarming lapses in safety measures at the watercraft rental facility.

The victim, identified as Musa Konteh from Hayes, was enjoying a beach resort stay with his girlfriend in West Africa when the incident unfolded in late March. On Sunday, March 19, Konteh rented a jet ski from the resort and ventured into the sea. Concerns arose when he failed to return, triggering an urgent search operation.

Although the jet ski was recovered, Konteh remained missing. It later emerged that a passerby had witnessed him in the water but assumed he was swimming, not recognizing the severity of the situation. Tragically, Konteh’s lifeless body was discovered three days later, on March 22, and a subsequent north London inquest on November 1 concluded his death as accidental, citing asphyxia due to drowning as the medical cause.

Coroner Ian Potter, presiding over the inquest, expressed serious apprehensions about the lack of safety protocols in place for jet ski rentals. The ‘prevention of future deaths’ report issued this month highlighted significant deficiencies, including the absence of instructions on emergency engine cut-off usage, failure to provide guidance on navigating areas with submerged rocks, and the alarming omission of lifejackets for jet ski renters.

Potter also voiced concerns about the travel advice issued by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) for Sierra Leone. While the advisory warned about strong currents and the absence of lifeguards, it failed to caution travelers about potentially lower health and safety standards compared to those in the UK.

“In my opinion, there is a risk that future deaths could occur unless action is taken,” warned Coroner Potter in the report, which was forwarded to the FCDO’s Consular Feedback Team. The FCDO acknowledged receipt of the report, committing to respond appropriately while emphasizing the continuous review of its travel advice. The tragic incident underscores the critical need for enhanced safety measures and heightened awareness for those engaging in water activities abroad.