The famous Sierra Leonean Researcher, tagged as the Fake Degree Whistle Blower, Dr John Idriss Lahai, has announced the death of his elder brother, Abdul Konko, who died from blood transfusion this morning, the 22nd July,2022.

According to Dr John Idriss Lahai, the deceased, Abdul Konko, died after several pints of contaminated blood was administered to him at the Canaught Hospital.

“Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un
I just lost another family member. My elder brother, Abdul Konko was taken to Canaught hospital for blood transfusion. They gave him several pints of contaminated blood. He is dead. I am broken.” He wrote on his timeline.

Dr Lahai is feeling down and is in so much pain as this is the second death he has received from his family within this week.

About four days ago another member of his family, Pj Mandewa-Cole, departed from this world.

May the good Lord comfort him and grant rest to the departed souls.