Magistrate Mark Ngeba of Pademba Road Court No.1 in Freetown has remanded one Dennis Koroma, a businessman to the Male Correctional Centre at Pademba Road for alleged importation of firearm.

The accused was arraigned in Court on four counts of charges with possession of firearms, transfer of firearms, importation of prohibited drugs and unlawful possession of canabisativa.

It was alleged that the accused on March 13th, 2023 at Queen Elizabeth ii quay in Freetown, was found in possession of one black and silver color Taurus pistol with serial number ACK409049G3C, 19 and 11 rounds of ammunition without a license.

It was further alleged that on the same date and place, the accused transferred from Philadelphia in the United States of America (USA) to Freetown, Sierra Leone, with a firearm to wit pistol and ammunition without a license.

It was also alleged that on the same above date and place the accused was found in possession and imported a prohibited cannabis Sativa weighing 50.0 grams.

In his testimony, police officer 17015 Ibrahim Barrie, testifies that he recognized the accused and recalled that on the above date when he was on duty together with Inspector Gibril Kamara and one constable Koba at the Ross Road Police Station; the customs officer called on Inspector Kamara to inspect a container at the port and that they were ordered by Inspector Kamara to witness the process.

He further said that upon their arrival, the customs officer opened a container and ordered them to search it; adding that during the process they opened a blue barrel and found something wrapped with a foil and that they opened it and established that it was a pistol and 11 rounds ammunitions.

He said the customs officer took it and gave it to Inspector Kamara while they continues their search; he said they also opened a box and found dried leaves wrapped in a plastic which they suspected to be Kush.

He further testified that on the following day, the intelligence officer went to the residence of the accused and invited him to the police station.

He said the accused reported to the police and was asked to identify the items, and he admitted that the said items belong to him.

He explained that the accused was further asked why did he bring the items into the country. He replied that the gun was for personal protection while the kush was for him to smoke.

Meanwhile, the Defense Counsel, Hindolo M Gavoh, made a bail application, but the magistrate denied it and sent the accused on remand at the Male Correctional Center

The matter was however adjourned to 11 April 2023 for another hearing.