Justice Abu Bakarr Binneh Kamara has sentenced Ibrahim Thoronka, a businessman to a jail term of four years or pays a fine of Fifty Million Leones.

At a trial conducted in Freetown, Ibrahim Thoronka was convicted after he pleaded guilty to a criminal indictment of fraudulent concretion contrary to law.

The particulars on the indictment state that the convict fraudulently converted vehicle tires, valued at Fifty Million Leones, property of Gloria Tucker. The convict Ibrahim Thoronka was arraigned at the High Court for trial on a committal warrant dated 31 March 2017, on conclusion of a Preliminary Investigation (PI) hearing conducted at the Magistrate Court.

Global Times reports that the said committal warrant document was produced by State Prosecutor, Daisy Sawyer and tendered as court exhibit.

Addressing the court on the law, the State Prosecutor Daisy Sawyer said for such an offence, the convict is liable to a term of imprisonment not exceeding seven years.

Speaking on the facts before the Court, The State Prosecutor said the convict, Ibrahim Thoronka on 22nd March 2016 in Freetown fraudulently converted to his own use and benefit properties to wit a 20 feet container full of vehicle tires valued at Fifty Million, Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Leones, entrusted to him by the complainant, Gloria Tucker for the purpose of sale.

Lawyer Daisy Sawyer urged the trial Judge to accept the then accused person’s plea and convicted him accordingly, taking into consideration the sum of money involved.

Defense counsel, M.W Jalloh from the Legal Aid Board informed the court that the convict is a Sierra Leonean and a businessman, and that he has not in any way wasted the court time by pleading guilty.

He furthered that the convict had been on remand for over two years and during that period he paid certain amount to the complainant in the sum of Twenty Seven Million Leones as part payment of the alleged total sum.

Defense Counsel pleaded with the Judge to temper Justice with mercy and to consider a lenient punishment or a fine that he (convict) can afford to pay.

In his ruling, Justice Abu Bakarr Binneh Kamara said in view of the seriousness of the offence, and the facts before the Court sentenced Ibrahim Thoronka. The sentence, according to the Judge should run currently since the day he was remanded.