A renowned businessman and philanthropist, Alusine Kamara, has presented twenty (20) solar streetlights to the Bo City Council as his support to the council.

Kamara’s charitable contribution to Bo City’s illumination was acknowledged by the Chief Administrator (C.A.) Henry Pawel. The Chief Administrator stated that to improve safety and visibility, these solar streetlights will be positioned thoughtfully in important spots across the city.

Mrs. Hawa Campbell, the deputy mayor, also thanked Mr. Alusine Kamara for his wonderful assistance to Bo City. She was upbeat about the prospect of more cooperation and support in enhancing Bo City’s general allure and infrastructure.

Bo City Council’s Mayor’s Gratitude for him was mirrored by Kobba Musa, who was worshipped.

The benevolent donation of solar streetlights by Mr. Alusine Kamara is a testament to the spirit of philanthropy and city engagement, illustrating the positive impact of collaboration between individuals and local authorities in fostering sustainable development and enhancing the quality of life for residents of Bo City.

Kobba Musa, the Mayor of Bo City Council, echoed the sentiments of gratitude towards the business tycoon and emphasized Kamara’s commitment to giving back to his hometown. The mayor stressed the significance of city support and urged others to join in the endeavor to change Bo City into a model city for all to admire.