A 44-year-old businesswoman, identified as Jabu Kailie, has been sentenced to ten years in prison by Magistrate Shaka Papa of Kenema court, for cannabis possession.

The verdict was delivered on Thursday, 8th February ,2024, after the accused was found guilty of one count of narcotics possession, involving three parcels of cannabis weighing a total of 2 kilograms.

She was arrest took place at the Wanjama police checkpoint on Thursday, January 29, 2024, in Small Bo Chiefdom of Kenema. She was apprehended while traveling from Deep Yai Water around Hastings and Waterloo area to the district capital.

During the court proceedings, Kailie pleaded guilty to the charges after they were read and explained to her. Joseph Dauda, the legal representative for the accused, pleaded for leniency, noting the fact that the accused was a first-time offender and had not wasted the court’s time.

However, Magistrate Shaka Papa emphasized the severity of her crimes and the impact of drugs on the nation. He therefore sentenced her to ten years imprisonment.