Voters of Constituency 107 made series of complains to Sierraloaded that the National Electoral Commission polling staffs did not allow them to cast their votes during elections day at constituency 107 in Freetown on the 14th November 2015.

One of the voter told Sierraloaded that they were been asked to bring elderly people in their community to verify their residential status before they are allow to exercise their franchise in the constituency.

They added that they are been told initially during the sensitization before the election on Saturday that they will be allow to vote in any polling station during election day if the bring along an identification card to identify themselves, but the NEC polling staffs frustrated their intentions by not allowing them to vote on that day.

“I was at the constituency during the 2012 elections but I am no longer a resident of that constituency so I can’t tell if the elders of my community knows me or not,” an electorate told Sierraloaded.

Speaking to Sierraloaded, a NEC polling staff said they are been instructed by their bosses not to allow any voter who does not have his or her voter’s ID card to vote if he or she did not come with an elderly person in the constituency to verify their status in the community.

Meanwhile Journalist said they have been refused entering to some of the polling stations in constituency 107 and been asked for their special accreditation from the National Electoral Commission.

Most Journalists said they are been frustrated by the attitude of the National Electoral Commission as there was no announcement from NEC to inform them about that.

The outreach officer of the National electoral commission Albert Massaquoi said there were which were available for media houses who applied for it, and those application were given to those media houses that applied for it.