Speculation surrounding alleged cannibalism has thrown Kori Chiefdom in Moyamba District of Sierra Leone into disarray, compounded by the sudden vanishing of a well-known local figure, Peter Brewah, famously called “The Best.”

Brewah, a 65-year-old resident of Taiama town, was reported missing in early October, sparking concerns and an extensive search effort within and beyond Kori Chiefdom. According to reports, his absence has continued without any trace or communication.

Prester John Brewah, the distressed son of the missing individual, told Sierraloaded that He received a call from a concerned local resident while in Freetown, stating that his father had inexplicably left his home over a month ago, offering no information about his whereabouts.

Despite exhaustive efforts scouring the entirety of Kori Chiefdom, Prester John Brewah has been unable to locate his father, “The Best.” He has made a fervent appeal to the Kori Chiefdom community, Sierra Leone Police, and humanitarian organizations for assistance in this distressing situation.

The disappearance of Peter Brewah, amid rumors and heightened tensions, has left many within and beyond Kori Chiefdom deeply troubled. The call for support grows louder as the search for answers continues in this unsettling and mysterious case.