A devastating incident has shaken the Barri community as reports confirm the heartbreaking capsizing of a canoe at the Bandasuma crossing point.

The tragic accident resulted in the loss of three lives a man, his wife, and their daughter who were aboard the vessel.

According to sources, the canoe encountered trouble in the River Moa, leading to its overturning and subsequent drowning of all three occupants.

As search and rescue efforts persist, the community remains in mourning, grappling with the enormity of this heartbreaking event.

Regrettably, only the mortal remains of the young girl have been recovered so far.

Rescue teams are tirelessly working to locate and recover the bodies of the other two victims.

This tragic incident has cast a profound shadow over Barri, leaving its residents in a state of shock and sorrow.

The community joins together in solidarity, offering support and prayers for the grieving family and those involved in the ongoing search operations during this difficult time.