Security and CCTV Manager, Viorel Bargua has allegedly been sexually harassing Former staff of Vimetco Bauxite Mining Company SMHL, Fatmata Kamanda.

She disclosed to this medium that, sometime in July, 2020 she started facing serious sexual harassment from the Security and CCTV Manager, Viorel Bargua who also double as her current boss by then.

Adding that, sexual harassment became tough for her in 2021 because she failed to have sex with Viorel Bargua (CCTV Operator’ Manager) without her consent. Fatmata Kamanda said she made several complaints to her workmates in order to draw their attention regarding the issue.

Speaking to Mr. Musa Lawa, colleague staff of the same institution attests that Fatmata Kamanda had made lot of complaints with regards the sexual harassment she is experiencing with her boss in the office during working hours. Mr. Lawa said sexual harassment is highly common amongst top managers in the company over the years.

Another staff called Mr. Wahab Fatoma also confirmed that his colleague (Fatmata Kamanda) was disclosing and discussing some of the sexual harassment audio messages to him.

“I told her to keep the messages for evidence sake in any credible court of law. I’m willing to testify at all times because; I have started since genesis of the investigations at Rulties Police Station. The attitude of the Vimetco SMHL Company towards female staff is appalling and contrary to the work ethics as professionals, we are fed up.” He said.

However, Consortium of Investigative Journalist Sierra Leone (COIJ-SL) tried to interview Mr. Viorel Bargua, on Friday 24/12/2021. He said, he will not respond for now on the matter.

In another development, the Human Resources Manager of Vimetco Bauxite Mining Company SMHL, Alusine Conteh, approached key Stakeholders, Fatmata Kamanda and her family in a bid for peaceful resolution.

“I am here to rep Vimetco SMHL Mining Company regarding the subject matter between our boss (Mr. Viorel Bargua and Fatmata Kamanda). We don’t want this matter to be in public, the reputation of our company will be water down because we have good track records in recent times.” He said.

Fatmata Kamanda and her family did not accept the resolution methods due to their position as family. “Vimetco SMHL Company and the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) want to downplay on the matter. Even though, Twenty-Five Million Leones (Le 25,000,000) was given to me, I never accepted it because I need justice to maintain my integrity.” She affirmed.

An inside source told this media that, for the family’s refusal to the peaceful resolution, Vimetco SMHL Mining Company has plan for Viorel Bargua to leave the country without responding to the law.

However, the matter is presently at the Family Support Unit, Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters (CID) Freetown