In a troubling incident that has left the community of Yonni town in Kpanga chiefdom, Pujehun district, on edge, a suspicious and fearful item was discovered at the Yonni cemetery on Thursday, 22nd February 2024.

The unsettling incident has caused fear and doubt to spread throughout the entire community.

Town Chief Madam Mary Kaikai expressed her frustration over the alarming discovery, recounting how community members heard the sound of a cock while burying their dead at the cemetery. Upon investigation, they found a red cock tied and wrapped with charms, a sight that instilled fear and unease among the residents.

Initially hesitant to touch the item for fear of spiritual harm, the community members eventually untied the red cock and examined the charms, which were inscribed with Arabic writing. Seeking assistance from someone proficient in Arabic, they discovered that the charm was malevolent in nature and intended to harm people.

In response to the unsettling incident, the community chose to burn the charm to eliminate any potential danger. Madam Kaikai revealed that this was not the first time such occurrences had occurred at the cemetery and urged the youth to remain vigilant and watch for any suspicious individuals, such as herbalists, Moray-Men, or native doctors.

She called upon the community to refrain from engaging in practices that could invite such negative energies and emphasized the importance of unity and vigilance in safeguarding the well-being of the residents in Yonni town.