Chief Minister Dr. David Moinina Sengeh has hailed young Innovator Mohamed Kamara during his recent tour at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.

The Chief Minister revealed that Kamara participated as a young person in the Innovate Salone Program he Co-founded .

He affirmed  that his Mantra “We will Deliver is a mindset”. He pointed out that we  must  work together to deliver on our goals – no excuses.

The Chief Minister Narrates his experience with Kamara during his Tour “We aren’t satisfied with the status quo. In fact, we delivered yesterday, we are delivering today and, yes, we will deliver tomorrow.

I was at FBC yesterday and got a tour of the Freetown Innovation Lab with Mohamed Kamara and the DVC of the college, Prof Kelleh Mansaray. Mohamed participated as a younger person in the Innovate Salone program I co-founded. Then, when he was a university student, I supported his inventions when I bought his TV antenna (I bought the first and shared it, and now he has sold 3000 units). In his final year of college, I lectured him Entrepreneurship and Innovation. When I say together #WeWillDeliver, I think of Mohamed. He delivered yesterday, he is delivering today and tomorrow he will deliver. Nothing will stop him.

What’s he going to deliver? We can only imagine. But here’s one that excites me. Mohamed is currently using kitchen waste to generate gas for clean cooking. The final waste is being used as manure for agriculture. He represents the future of our world on a circular economy. Think about this- Mohamed employs youth to clean the beach and collect plastic and seaweed. He uses the plastic to make roofs, bricks, and other products. He uses the old tires to make products like beds. And from the organic waste, he makes gas. He employs cleaners, engineers, sales people, etc. He already has lots, and he wants more. He isn’t looking for a job. He’s creating jobs!

Mohamed isn’t alone. There are thousands of young people who went through the Innovate Salone program as participants and as fellows. Many are engineers today. Several are doctors, and a majority are transforming their communities quietly. A handful now have their own Innovation Labs themselves. One is even a government minister today. These are the folks I think about when I say #WeWillDeliver. I know that with our new curriculum in schools, those kids are going to be incredible problem solvers. It takes time, but by the time they complete school, expect a positive boom ,”

The Freetown Innovation Lab’s tire -to- furniture transformation marks a milestone in sustainable design and waste management, paving the way for a greener future while simultaneously addressing the City’s environmental Challenges