A chinese mine worker at the Tonkolili mines has attracted wild condemnation after video showed him attacking and attempting to stab a Sierra Leonean safety officer at the mining site.

In a video obtained by Sierraloaded, we see an argument and later fighting ensuring between the chinese and a Sierra Leonean.

Voice from the video alleged that the Chinese worker was trying to disrupt the work of the safety officer by arguing and scattering his documents.

He further went on to fetch a rod which he used and tried to stick to the safety officer’s stomach in an attempt to kill him.

With the intervention of the other mine workers, he was unable to kill the safety officer.

According to the audio that accompanied the video, the safety officer was conducting a safety meeting with other mine workers and the Chinese guy was not pleased with this exercise and tried to stop him by using force method which could have led to the death of the safety officer.

Watch video below: