The Election Conflict Prevention and Mediation Working Group (ECPMG) in collaboration with Centre For Human Right Develoment International CHRDI continues its nationwide tour, this time reaching the cites of Bo and Moyamba.Under the theme “Promoting Social Cohesion and Community Dialogue,” the ECPMG’s mission to strengthen bonds within Sierra Leonean communities takes center stage.

The ECPMG, driven by its commitment to maintaining peace and preventing conflicts, has embarked on an ambitious journey to encourage social cohesion and national unity dialogue at the grassroots level across Sierra Leone.

The initiative involves various stakeholders, ranging from young men and women to religious and traditional leaders, members of the security sector, and community representatives.

By equipping them with the knowledge and resources necessary to lead dialogues on these crucial subjects, the ECPMG aims to cultivate an atmosphere of understanding and cooperation within the country.

As part of its ongoing efforts, the ECPMG has conducted dialogues in different regions, including a recent visit to Bo City in the Bo District on August 9th.

These dialogues serve as a platform for community members to voluntarily engage in cooperative practices, develop shared visions and strategies, and influence political and social policies. The ECPMG’s presence in Bo City underscores the vital role that grassroots-level conversations play in shaping the collective identity of Sierra Leone.

Today, on August 10th, 2023, the ECPMG has arrived in Moyamba, building on the momentum generated during its nationwide tour. Community dialogues remain at the heart of the ECPMG’s mission, acting as lifelines that foster partnerships between diverse segments of the community.

The significance of these dialogues lies in their ability to promote peace by facilitating open and constructive exchanges among different stakeholders.

The pursuit of peace is an ongoing endeavor that hinges on the choices and actions individuals make daily. The ECPMG recognizes the importance of creating a culture of peace that extends from individuals to entire communities and nations.

By encouraging an appreciation for diverse cultures and safeguarding shared heritage, the ECPMG and its partners actively contribute to nurturing a healthy culture of peace.

Moreover, a thriving culture of peace allows civil society and the media to assume their essential roles as facilitators of dialogue and accountability between citizens and their governments.

The ECPMG recognizes that their collective efforts to promote social cohesion and community dialogue lay the foundation for an inclusive society where all voices are heard, and diverse perspectives are respected.

In conclusion, the Election Conflict Prevention and Mediation Working Group’s tireless endeavors to promote national unity and social cohesion are setting a remarkable precedent in Sierra Leone.

As the ECPMG’s national post-election tour continues, its commitment to fostering understanding, cooperation, and lasting peace shines as a beacon of hope for a harmonious future in the country.