After an unfortunate fire incident that left one dead at the facility, the City of Rest Mental home through its program coordinator Augusta Johhny, has called on the public for assistance.

“One of our emergency needs for those that we are housing currently is foodstuff because the entire store burnt down so all our reserved foodstuff was destroyed by the fire. So if the government, donors, and well-wishers can help us with food and medication because during the fire we lost all of that,” she stated.

Madam Augusta stated that the residents do not only need psychotropic drugs for their rehabilitation but also drugs for other diseases like malaria.

Madam Augusta in an interview with Politico stated that on Saturday 1st April 2023, one of their patients in the facility allegedly set ablaze on one of the buildings as he was trying to escape from the facility.

She continued that the fire engulfed the nine-bedroom building at their Main Grafton Regent road, Grafton facility, and destroyed properties.

She further that they were able to put out the fire with support from neighbors and the national fire service.

She confirmed that most of the patients escaped unhurt but were to later realize that one of the male residents could not make it out of the room.

She said family members of those admitted at the center initially went and collected their relatives but have brought some of them back to the facility because their situation cannot be managed at home.

She said they currently have eight people in their care in the remaining part of the facility and that they are expecting more in the next few days due to the calls, they are getting from their families promising their return.