According to news reaching us,ย  the new Inspector General of Police, William Fayia Sellu and the National Security Coordinator, Abdulai Caulker refused to release the ring leader of the cocaine cartel, Mohamed Baldeh of Guinean extraction in spite of several overtures made by his close associates in Sierra Leone. Some of them are already known to the security sector.

Reports stated that the IG, William Fayia Sellu refused an offer of US$100,000 from close associates of the drug smugglers just to allow Mohamed Baldeh to be smuggled out of the country.

Mr. Abdulai Caulker also reportedly rejected several pecuniary offers from associates of the cocaine smugglers not to detain the three cocaine smugglers wanted in Liberia. They have all been handed over to Liberian law enforcement officers for further interrogation.

The US Embassies in Freetown and Monrovia have been very active in helping to track down the three cocaine smugglers in Sierra Leone including the ring leader, Mohamed Baldeh.

Those trying to aid and abet cocaine smugglers are enemies of the state. They must be named and shamed. They are being watched closely by the security sector in Sierra Leone.

President Dr. Julius Maada Bio has repeatedly warned drug smugglers that Sierra Leone cannot and will not be used as a transit point to smuggle drugs. His instruction to the IG and the National Security Coordinator is very clear: Do not allow Sierra Leone to be used as a hub for cocaine/drug trafficking in West Africa.

The recent extradition of the three cocaine smugglers to Liberia will send a clear message to those dealing in drugs that Sierra Leone is no longer a safe haven for them.

We salute the Inspector General of Police, the National Security Coordinator and the intelligence agency for a job well done.

The cocaine traffickers and their close associates in Sierra Leone are known to the security sector. They will soon be named and shamed!