The Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone announced earlier that voters should collect their ID cards from Friday morning or Sunday evening, the 16th April 2023.

This means that registrants for the June elections have nine days to collect their ID cards.

The ID cards will enable voters to vote in the country’s multi-tier elections this June.

The ECSL said that locals that did not register last year will not be eleigible to vote in the elections.

Sierra Leoneans who are 18 years older and those that will be 18 not later than 23rd June were eligible to register.

The ECSL communicated that Centres across the country will start operation at 7 in the morning and close at 5 in the evening.

During the elections, the registration centres will be voting centres.

Registration Centres become Polling Centres on Election Day, so register at a centre in a Ward where you are ordinarily resident,” the ECSL said.

Voters will be exercising their rights to choose their next president, mayors/ district council heads, parliamentarians and councillors on the 24 June 2023 elections.

The incumbent SLPP is expected to face stiff competition from the main opposition APC.

In the previous election, the former won the presidential election by a narrow margin in a runoff. The APC won most parliamentary sits in 2018 parliamentary election.