Coco Samba and OGA Ar Beg, two widely favored herbal drinks, are said to have successfully cleared the standard bureau testing

Proven to be safe for human consumption, these beverages are now making their way across the country, gaining widespread popularity.

After undergoing meticulous testing, both Coco Samba and OGA Ar Beg have not only proven their safety but have also successfully navigated all necessary regulatory procedures, obtaining the required approvals for legal sale in Sierra Leone.

These herbal concoctions, crafted from pure herbal extracts, offer a unique blend of flavors, with Coco Samba presenting a delightful mixture of milk and chocolate infused with beneficial herbs.

Designed to boost energy levels in both men and women, Coco Samba stands out as a non-alcoholic herbal drink, providing an extra surge of strength for those feeling physically or mentally fatigued