The Coca Cola Company, popularly known as Freetown Cold Storage is set to resume operations after shutting down several years ago.

Speaking recently to the press, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Edward Hinga Sandy said that the company has presented a proposal to resume full operations.

He noted that the company will, this time round, use local agricultural produce like tamarind, oranges and mangoes among others to produce their drinks.

The trade minister added that the company will also be partnering with another local company to produce alcohol.

Dr. Sandy noted that the resumption of the company is in line with President Bioโ€™s vision to discourage mass importation into the country especially with regards basic food stuffs and goods.

The minister drew reference to the oil manufacturing companies that are also producing soap and seasoning with the help of Socfin, another local palm producing company based in Pujehun.

He added that the resumption of the company will create jobs for many youths in the country.

The reopening of the company, is believed by some citizens of the country as a step in the right direction as the country will cease to import Coca Cola products from neighbouring Guinea.