In a heartfelt letter addressed to Chief Minister Dr. David Moinina Sengeh, a concerned citizen passionately raised an alarm about the rising threat of a fraudulent scheme orchestrated by the company Qnet in Sierra Leone. The citizen emphasized the urgent need for government intervention to prevent a potential surge in youth involvement in scams, particularly the notorious 4.1.9 or blackmailing activities under the guise of job opportunities, scholarships, or travel prospects offered by Qnet.

The letter commended Dr. Sengeh’s inspirational role in the lives of Sierra Leonean youth and called for concrete actions to protect the nation’s future generations from the deceptive practices of companies like Qnet. The writer highlighted the insidious tactics employed by Qnet, using social media and telephone calls to lure individuals with promises and dreams, ultimately leading them into a chain of deceit where they are trained to fool others to earn money.

Notably, the citizen pointed out the physical presence of Qnet’s fraudulent operations with head offices and rented houses scattered across town. The scammers frequently convened at various hotels, where they recruited unsuspecting young people into their illicit scheme. The impact of this fraudulent activity extended to rented compounds in town, where both children and adults were coerced into supporting the company’s unscrupulous endeavors, causing severe economic and mental health repercussions on a large scale.

The letter shed light on the dire living conditions faced by victims, with 15 individuals crammed into a single room, sleeping on mats, and resorting to street hawking for self-sustenance. The victims were subject to indoctrination by their mentors, known by titles such as Uplines, Downlines, Warrior Leader, and Mentor. The scheme not only resulted in financial losses but also inflicted substantial damage to relationships, leading to broken homes and strained family bonds.

The concerned citizen called upon the government to take swift and severe actions against fraud companies like Qnet, operating under the guise of direct selling. Stressing the necessity to curb the spread of such scandalous activities, the writer highlighted the potential harm to Sierra Leonean youth and citizens at large. The plea urged the government to implement measures to safeguard the vulnerable population and prevent further victimization by fraudulent schemes.

As the citizens anxiously await government intervention, the urgency of the situation is clear, the need to protect the youth and the integrity of Sierra Leone from the clutches of deceptive entities like Qnet cannot be overstated.

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Addressed to Chief Minister, Dr. David Moinia Sengeh

I write as a Sierra Leonean – who puts the interest of the country above all else – to urgently draw to your attention to a prevalent unfolding events, that needs government intervention, or else, pretty soon, we will see plenty of our youths involving in 4.1.9 or blackmailing people all over in our communities, and streets, lying to people and stealing from them in the name of job, scholarship or traveling opportunities from this, Qnet company – known as a chain where a person is fooled and then he is trained to fool others to earn money – in partnership with Quest, Qi, Infinity Miliennial.

Dr. Sengeh. You are an inspiration, to a majority of our youths, and such inspiration of yours, should be transmitted, by providing and taking actions, against things which undermine and eventually deprive young men and girls from becoming a good representation of our dear nation.

The Company Qnet ( agent ) lure people to its network by social media and telephone calls, with a jugglery of words, promises and dreams. The motto of the company ‘sell more, earn more’ appears very attractive and innocuous. However, this motto is fully camouflaged. The company stands on a basic statement that people can be fooled. Thus, the true motto is ‘sell more earn more’ by fooling people. In fact it is a chain where a person is fooled and then he is trained to fool others to earn money. For that purpose, workshops are conducted where study and business material is provided with a jugglery of words, promises and dreams. Thus, the deceit and fraud is camouflaged under the name of e-marketing and business.”

The Qnet fraudulent scheme has head offices and rented houses across town, which can easily be tracked, and they often meet at different hotels in town, where several other young people are also recruited in the fraudulent scheme.

Children and adults who are cajoled and dubbed by the company are kept in rented compounds in town, to support the company’s activities. And this has a very grave and serious impact on the economic status and mental health of the people on a large scale.

These children ( victims ) are kept in respective compounds located in town. In one of this compounds, 15 persons are kept in a room. They sleep on mats and must do street hawking for the company for self-sustenance. These children are being indoctrinated by their Mentors, as one of the names used by the scammers. They posses names like, Uplines, downlines, warrior leader and mentor.

Qnet and associates – bring two more people -company are misguiding youths for quick money. People who are trapped in these scams have lost not only their money but have lost home, broken marriages, relationship (family and friends). Such scams has caused mental damage to family members.

It is necessary for government to take severe actions and steps, to stop the spread of fraud companies like QNet etc. which loot innocent citizens of Sierra Leone under the Garb of DIRECT SELLING, as it will save larger groups of our youths and people from becoming prey to this scandalous activity.

From Concerned Sierra Leonean.