The Saama Peri Junior Secondary School, envisioned as a beacon of quality education for the local community at Saama Village in Pujehun District, finds itself in distress as the contractor assigned to construct the school has abandoned the project, leaving pupils in a state of uncertainty.

Despite the government’s ongoing efforts to ensure accessible education for all, the neglect of Saama Peri Junior Secondary School has sparked concerns among the community and education officials in the district.

Councillor Muninu Jakema, representing the area, expressed frustration over the situation, emphasizing that the school, responsible for educating hundreds of pupils, has been left in a state of neglect by the contractor.

The lack of progress and attention given to the project has instilled apprehension within the entire community regarding the future of the school and the education of their children.

Ibrahim Bogiwa Swaray, the Secretary of the Grievance Redress Mechanism committee, shed light on the challenges faced during their investigation. The committee uncovered issues such as inadequate materials at the construction site, significant delays in the work, lack of transparency in the contractor’s operations, and an unfriendly learning environment for children.

In response to the concerns raised, Mr. Swaray assured the people of Saama Peri that their issues would be taken seriously. He emphasized the importance of promptly addressing the situation and ensuring the contractor fulfills their obligations to complete the school construction as initially agreed upon.

Local education authorities and government officials have been alerted to the situation, pledging their commitment to resolving the issue. Efforts are underway to hold the contractor accountable and expedite the completion of the school. Temporary alternatives and support for affected pupils are also being explored to ensure continuity of their education during this challenging period.

Community members and parents are urged to remain patient and supportive as the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, diligently works to rectify the situation. The goal is to provide the pupils of Saama Peri Junior Secondary School with access to a safe and conducive learning environment as soon as possible.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the crucial need for effective oversight and accountability to ensure quality education for all. The government and relevant authorities are resolute in preventing similar situations in the future, upholding their commitment to providing accessible and quality education for every child in the district.