The self-ordained Apostle of the Cornerstone Ministry in the Lumley environment, Mr. Emeric Webber is at the moment a confused man of God. It would appear that the self-ordained Apostle is in a state of mental disagreement and denial.

Having stayed as a tenant in a property owned by Aminata Marrah and Husband for about three years. He left it in ruins and colossal damages calculated to the tune of Forty-Seven Million Leones to cover the repairs and other maintenance which has been caused by neglect and poor handling of the property.

As a tenant of the property, it was agreed that certain amount to the tune of US$10,000 (Ten Thousand Dollars) for both apartments top and bottom, a well-furnished and enviable accommodation.

As a “professed Man of God”, it was resolved by the owners that the fear of God would drive him to take very good care of the property, but the devil turned away the mind of Apostle Emeric Webber to the opposite direction that caused him to poorly managed the estate and left it in ruins and damages that will soon attract the attention of the court if the necessary attention and resolution of the matter is not achieved within the shortest possible time frame.

Standard Times Newspapers reports that, the Apostle is notorious in badly handling properties he rented in the past, such as in Tengbeh Town, back of Girls School and other areas is tactically buying time until the owner who is currently in town returns to the United Kingdom. He has already received a strongly worded letter from Lawyer C. Williams advising him to address the issue before it gets out of control and avoid been arraigned in a Court of Law, Lawyer Navo had spared him of the legal trouble, perhaps as a member of his Apostle to be ridiculed in Court.

The Apostle in a telephone interview with this medium said that he was not in a warpath with Aminata Marrah, one of the owners of the private property. He said he is working with her Lawyers to resolve the matter. Apart from damages that are affecting the property that he has been accused of which is the owner has estimated at Le47Million, he has been accused of overstaying of the property for a period of three months after utilizing his six months’ notice.

The amount he has been asked to pay is USD2,500 (Two Thousand Fiver Hundred Dollars) for the three months he over stayed at the residence. The owner said he prevented potential tenant from renting the premises. What is disturbing, is the unimaginable damages inflicted on the property that has been described as a deliberate effort to subject the owner to unplanned expenditure aim at recovery the glory of the property.

Meanwhile, this medium has learnt that Apostle Emeric Webber has moved to his newly constructed house at Goderich, while the rented private property is left in shamble.