A disturbing incident in Taninahun Malen, Pujehun District has ignited fury after a 21-year-old woman endured a harrowing experience during a traditional initiation ceremony in the Bondo Bush.

Her life was saved by a nurse who rushed to administer urgent medical care.

Eyewitnesses revealed that the turmoil unfolded when a military officer forcibly entered the secluded women’s area within the Bondo Bush under the pretext of searching for stolen palm nuts allegedly linked to the Socfin Agricultural Company.

Tear gas was deployed, resulting in one girl collapsing unconscious. Quick action was taken to summon a nurse who provided critical treatment, including administering fluids.

The incident has thrust into the spotlight concerns regarding the infringement of women’s rights and the encroachment of external entities into sacred and protected spaces.

Many are questioning the influence wielded by the Socfin Agricultural Company, purportedly behind the military officer’s intrusion into the Bondo Bush, a traditional domain reserved exclusively for women.

The situation is under scrutiny, with mounting demands for accountability and transparency.

While debates persist around the Bondo society, there’s a resounding call to uphold women’s rights within these traditional enclaves.

The incident has sparked a broader discourse on the availability and security of safe spaces for women in the area.

Activists and community members are clamoring for answers and assurances that such violations won’t recur.

As developments unfold, there’s a collective hope that those accountable for breaching the sanctity of the women’s safe space and potentially endangering lives will face repercussions.