In a shocking expose, Sahr David Moiwo, co-founder of Koidu School for the Blind, has revealed extensive maladministration and embezzlement within the institution, amounting to over five hundred million Leones. Moiwo made these damning allegations during a public engagement event organized by Audit Service Sierra Leone (ASSL) at the Sahr Sessie Gbenda Hall on Bona Street in Koidu City.

A-Z News reports that Moiwo, the current school administration, in office since 2020, has misappropriated funds designated for school operations. Despite receiving yearly government support and donations from benefactors, Moiwo decried the lack of financial accountability within the institution.

The school, which receives one hundred million Leones annually from the SLPP-led government under President Bio, is reportedly at a standstill due to alleged financial mismanagement. Moiwo raised concerns about the Ministry of Education’s response to corruption complaints within the school, noting the lack of effective action.

Moiwo also highlighted internal leadership conflicts exacerbating the school’s challenges and pointed out discrepancies in the management of donated computers, indicating systemic asset mismanagement.

Additionally, Moiwo addressed the prevalence of sexual harassment and other misconduct within the school, further compounding its issues. He called for urgent intervention from ASSL and similar bodies to address the dire circumstances at Koidu School for the Blind.

In a plea for change, Moiwo emphatically stated, “We don’t need the current school leadership or administration.” He thanked Audit Service Sierra Leone for organizing the engagement and urged regular sessions in the district to combat corruption and mismanagement in educational institutions.