The fate of the accused, N’tuma Bangura (Mrs, Mansaray), a State Registered Nurse (SRN) and a mother of a child will be known on 4th March 2024 concerning the alleged murder of her legally wedded spouse Mahmoud Mansaray.

Global Times reports that the matter came up yesterday at the High Court No.2 in Freetown, where final addresses were made by senior State Prosecutor Umu Sumaray and Defense Counsel Charles I. Williams.

Justice Sulaiman Bah has adjourned the matter for summing up to members of the Jury and sentencing after conviction by the Judges of fact (Jurors).

In her closing address, the State Prosecutor Umu Sumaray told the Jurors that on the 11th September 2020, the accused was indicted on one count charge of murder.

According to the Prosecuting Counsel, on the 30th March, 2020 the now deceased Mahmoud Mansaray who was a 5ft and 8 inches tall man was pronounced dead at the 34 Military hospital after sustaining a stab wound with a kitchen knife on the chest.

The prosecution led ten witnesses in evidence including the Government Pathologist Dr. Simeon Owiz Koroma, who in his findings confirmed that the victim Mahmoud Mansaray received 4-centimeter stab wound and due to the wound lost 8 liters of blood and that the stab wound was inflicted by someone else.

“This was not a case of self-defense but revenge for all that had past, and the action of the accused was intentional,” the State Prosecutor Jmu Sumaray said.

In his response, Defense Counsel Charles I. Williams informed members of the Jury tha prior to the said date there had been several reports of domestic violence raade by the accused against her husband (deceased) to the Military and at the Congo Cross Police Station.

He said the accused he always been the victim, and it was the deceased who initiated the threat and in defense responded by the accused by preventing the deceased from carrying the threat to kill her.

The deceased was a Military Personnel formally attached to the Armed Forces Joint Medical Unit at the 34 Military Hospital in Freetown.