Magistrate Santigei Bangura of the Magistrate Court No.2 in Freetown has ordered a bench warrant for the second accused person Mohamed Barrie and his surety Abubakarr Barrie.

Lawrence James, Mohamed Barrie, and Mohamed Sillah appeared before Magistrate Santigie Bangura of Pademba Road Court No.2 in Freetown facing three counts of charges Conspiracy contrary to law, Burglary and Larceny, and Store Breaking and Larceny.

According to the particulars of the offense, it was alleged that between January 23rd to 26th, 2023, at No.4 Rock Lane Brookfield, Western Area in Freetown, the accused conspired with others to commit Burglary and Larceny.

On count two, it is stated that on January 23rd, at the aforementioned location, the accused, with intent to steal, unlawfully broke into Elizabeth Hinston’s store and stole various items, including 340 assorted colored rubber chairs, twelve facial saunas, six food blenders, six big-sized flax, thirty-six shovels, ten deep freezers, and other assorted items, amounting to the sum of two hundred and thirty thousand Leones (230,000).

Count three alleges that on January 26th, 2023, Lawrence James unlawfully broke into Elizabeth Hinston’s store again with intent to steal, and stole twelve facial sauna boxes valued at one thousand eight hundred Leones (1,800), which were under the custody of Ekna Cathrin Yon and were the property of Elizabeth Hinston.

The accused persons made no plea after the charges were read and explained to them.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Sorie Conteh, the Prosecutor, informed the Bench that this was the third adjournment date and that the accused persons and their surety were still at large.

Magistrate Bangura then adjourned the matter to April 2nd, 2024. The first and third accused persons were remanded to the male correctional facility in Freetown. A bench warrant was issued for the second accused person, Mohamed Barrie, and his surety Abubakar Barrie (alias Banthal), who were purported to reside along Kroo Town Road. However, attempts by the police to enforce the bench warrant in the community were unsuccessful, as it was discovered that both the accused and the surety were living in the provinces. The bench warrant remained in force.

Counsel D.J Lavalie Esq. was associated with the prosecution.