The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DAQVAH Charity Foundation, Alhaji Abdul Rahman Jalloh has revealed that they have resumed their free weekly bus service from Waterloo to Freetown.

Speaking on his social media page, the CEO said that commuters of the busy highway doled praises to the charity after resuming their free rides on Fridays.

“Praise God! For 4 weeks now, the DAQVAH Charity Foundation has continued its Free Ride from Bombay Street to Waterloo every Friday from Fajr (dusk) to Jumuah (midday),” Jalloh said.

The Charity Foundation has been offering free bus service along the highway for several years now.

Narrating the idea behind the service, Jalloh said that their intention was to “show instead of tell” people that the Charity is an Islamic organisation. He added that when they started many commuters appreciated their gesture with some recommending that they are awarded in the Guinness Book of Records.

“I then told my staff, we would loss nothing by making this free ride once in every two weeks and then the appreciation and prayers from passengers keep increasing and so we decided to do a weekly free ride and praise God,” he stated.

He said that they used to have three vehicles covering both east and west and that the impact they received was great.

“We are trying to increase (the number of) our vehicles to serve more people,” the CEO said.

DAQVAH Charity Organisation is believed to be one of the largest local Islamic charities operating in Sierra Leone rendering assistance to the needy for over four years now.