Many traders, pedestrians, onlookers and concerned Sierra Leoneans were on Thursday worried when a cordon was erected right at the center of PWD and Campbell Street junction where it occurred that an unidentified man known to be mad (insane or mentally ill) died and his remains were being collected by the safe and dignified burial team.

The scene attracted eyewitnesses many of whom were not mainly concerned about the deceased but the cause of his death, especially so when the nation shall on November 7th 2015 be declared by WHO and partners as Ebola-free at an event to be held at the prestigious Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel.

The question on the lips of onlookers was that at this last minute: ‘is this an Ebola case that we have recorded again?’

However, a lady working with the team when asked by this press as to whether this case had been tested or proven Ebola-free replied that: “This is not another new Ebola case, we don’t want to take any chance that is why the safe and dignify burial procedure is still in place. Don’t be scared we are doing this as a precaution as the nation prepare for it freedom from Ebola.”

Apparently, the remains of the late man was found at the PWD Junction by traders who quickly called the 117 line which immediately responded unlike in other times when the Ebola outbreak was at its peak.

They were seen spraying disinfectant on the ground and all possible contacts (people and things) and the remains was bagged in a white body bag and handled with respect as it was being taken for burial.

Yesterday, November 7th 2015, Sierra Leone was declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organisation, prompting nationwide celebrations tinged with sadness over the loss of 4,000 victims to the disease.