The Deputy Minister for Transport and Aviation, Rex Bhonapha has engaged stakeholders in transport sector and their members over protest in Kenema District.

The meeting, which was held on September 9, incorporated the Mayor of Kenema City, the Commissioner of Police-East, the Director of SLRSA, RSLAF, ONS, chairmen for the Bike Riders Union, Traders Union, Motor Drivers Union, Tricycle (Keke) Riders Union and more on a round table discussion with issues related to the rumours of protest on the Monday 11th September 2023.

The Mayor for Kenema City Council, Thomas Baio said the meeting was called to have an engagement with them in relation to Kenema city. He maintained that, the city is peaceful and called on all to keep the peace at all times, adding that, in the city no one is a stranger no matter the tribe, political party, region or other things.

He assured that, Kenema is not part of any form of an unlawful protest and will not condone anyone to disturb the peace of the city. He said everyone should go about their normal business on Monday and going forward with no form of panic.

In his keynote address, the Deputy Minister said the transport sector is very important in the country and the stakeholders of the sector have decided and committed that, no one would use them to achieve any selfish gain.

“The individuals who have decided to stage a protest on Monday, are faceless individuals without identity and they want to use you in the sector that have identity to cause problems in the country” he said, adding that, they should not allow that to happen.

He assured that the government is capable to secure the citizens and the security sector is ready to protect and maintain the law and order at all times in the country. He called on the sector to go on with their normal business and don’t allow any external influence that will disturb their work and members.

He asked the transport sector to be always in good terms with the security sector in terms of any vital information that needs a very quick reaction for the peace of the country.