Devil Hole Community in the Western Rural District, has been without electricity since the community was established and the situation has created tremendous negative effects on the livelihood of people in that part of the country.

In our increasingly connected world, power outage puts a lot at stake. Loss of power is a major challenge for home owners and school going children who rely on electricity to study and conduct research at night.

Narrating their ordeal to Concord Times, Deputy Head man, Devil Hole Community, James Browne expressed his frustration and disappointment at the state of the power outage in the community over the years.

He indicated that the monumental loss of light in the community has caused devastating consequences to the community.

“The constant blackout in the community has prevented students from reading at night, so parents have to endeavor to purchase batteries for their Chinese Lights” he said, adding that parents at times cannot afford to buy batteries for their lights, causing serious challenges for students, especially the girls.

He added that the constant power outage has disrupted a lot of economic activities in the community with a significant negative impact on their daily lives.

“We cannot preserve our foodstuffs and businesses that are mostly electrical no longer function in the community, causing a serious effect on the economic livelihood in the community” he said.

James Browne concluded by to the government to intervene and savage their blackout challenge.

“We are appealing that the government address this issue as our school going children are going through difficulty with regards reading at night, and some children use the blackout as an excuse to engage in un helping activities, especially our girls.” He reiterated.