The District Logistics Officer attached to the Pujehun District Drugs store is now the subject of a police investigation following accusations of pouring hot water on her fifteen-year-old house help. The incident has left the teenage girl hospitalized at the government hospital in Pujehun.

According to sources close to the case, the alleged assault occurred at the officer’s residence, where the victim had been working as a house help. The motives behind the incident remain unclear, and authorities are actively looking into the matter to establish the facts surrounding the case.

The fifteen-year-old girl is currently receiving medical attention at the government hospital, where she is being treated for burns sustained during the incident. Hospital officials report that her condition is stable, but she will require ongoing medical care.

In a swift response to the incident, Sierra Leone Police in Pujehun took the District Logistics Officer into custody. However, the accused has since been granted bail, whiles the victim is hospitalized in pain.

The decision to release the perpetrator on bail has raised bitter concerns among local residents and advocacy groups, who are calling for a thorough and transparent investigation into the matter.

As the case unfolds, the community awaits the outcome of the police investigation, hoping for a fair resolution to this disturbing incident of alleged abuse within a household.

Moves were made to reach the alleged perpetuator and the victim but all proved futile.