The Don Bosco Fambul Organization, as part of their Young Risk Program, provided meals for over 1000 inmates at Bo Correctional Center in Southern Sierra Leone.

The organization shared on their social media platform their remarkable undertaken through the Provincial Development Organisation in Sierra Leone under the Young Risk Program in the Bo Correctional Center.

They stated that “Don Bosco firmly believes in granting individuals a second chance and establishing platforms for their personal growth. We strive to create a nurturing environment for young children and endeavor to replicate this approach within correctional centers.”

They also stated that “The Young Risk Project at the Bo Correctional Center extends essential services such as wash facilities, meals, medical, psychosocial support, and legal assistance to the 1003 inmates.”

At the end, they express their gratitude to the hard-working staff who are making sure that inmates have the necessary help they need.

“We extend our deep gratitude to the Salesians in Bo and the dedicated staff who work tirelessly with the inmates, providing them with the necessary therapy and helping them prepare for their reintegration into society after their time in prison,” they ended.