Following an emergency outcry from resident of Brookfields, where this unsightly sight occurred in the Lodge area on December 12, 2021, the public was alerted to suspected poisoned meal.

According to the eyes witness, Alusine Kallon, a bike rider, there are many different types of food, including cassava leaves, beans, potato leaves, and pumpkin.

He claimed that he chooses to consume the cassava leaves, which he stated went well for him, but that those who choose to eat the pumpkin sauce, began to feel ill and was rushed to the Hospital.

He claimed that his senses told him not to buy the pumpkin sauce.

He claimed that after ingesting the pumpkin sauce, over four (4) OSD officers, as well as several okada and kekeh riders, and many others, were affected and hospitalized.

He added that after eating the pumpkin sauce, over four (4) OSD officials were afflicted by the horrible circumstance, and that several okada and kekeh riders, as well as many others, were affected and hospitalized. (Cookery).

A similar event was described by several eyewitness.

One of the cooks, Isata Tarawallie, a daughter of the cookery seller, told the media that there are four (4) of them who help with the cooking procedure.

They were in the middle of preparing meals for public consumption, she said, when her mother became ill and was taken to Kingharman Road Hospital, her blood pressure has increased. She added that they cook four different sauces every day, and today was no exception.

She went on to say that they live in a populous area, that she and her mother cooked the pumpkin sauce that day, and that her mother was the one who tasted the pumpkin sauce.

She stated that they have been in the cooking industry for over ten years and have never had an issue as this.

She stated that her mother, Mariatu Kamara, is a single mother has been responsible for all four of them since their father’s death.

She also stated that they did not have a suspect in mind for such action.

Speaking to this medium, AIG Tower Director of OSD urged everyone to use caution when preparing meals for Domestic and public usage.

He confirmed that five (5) of his personal are receiving treatment at the Kingtom Hospital, while others are receiving treatment at various government facilities.

He claimed that the officers verified that they began to feel ill after consuming the allegedly poisoned food. He stated that everyone is receiving care at a different hospital.

According to AIG Tower, this is the third time, in Eastern, Central, and now Western part of Freetown.

He advised all cookery sellers to be very cautious about how they go about processing food for public consumption, saying that they should not allow second and third parties to be involved in the process because, if proper precautions are not taken, they may end up in danger, possibly resulting to death.

He believed that food preparation should be closely controlled and supervised.

According to Salone Times, He instructed all cooks to keep a tight eye on the procedure and be wary of any second or third-party involvement.

Cooks should be called and should not be left unprotected, adding that the investigation is still ongoing and that the food is being held by the Sierra Leone police for a lab examination.

Before compiling this report, no death cases have been documented.