Bala Sesay, an employee stationed at locality 250 center number 10151 in Port Loko, has made a fervent appeal to the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) to revise their compensation structure.

Citing unexpected challenges faced during their service, Sesay seeks a justifiably higher payment.

During the recent verification event held on Monday, August 21, at the Port Loko district office, Sesay voiced his concerns to Sierraloaded, stating, “While I understand that our compensation was determined based on the initial contract agreement, I am urging ECSL to reevaluate the payment structure. Many of us were assigned to areas where transportation costs us 80000 for the round trip, and now I am incurring additional expenses to participate in the verification process.”

Sesay also emphasized the urgency of timely compensation, as staff members have been awaiting payment for an extended period and have even accumulated debts.

He reassured his colleagues that despite the challenges, he remains confident that the commission will honor their commitment to payment.

These remarks followed Sesay’s completion of the verification procedure and his subsequent sharing of his personal encounters.

Sesay’s sentiments echo those of numerous others, who also express skepticism about receiving their compensation, particularly when confronted with conflicting information circulating on social media.

As the situation unfolds, ECSL finds itself under increasing pressure to address the concerns raised by its dedicated local staff members.