Some alleged workers of the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) have been caught destroying electricity cables in Bo city.

The incident is said to have occurred in Sierra Leone’s second city Bo where a group of men dressed in EDSA workin gear were spotted removing cables from a particular site. Locals in the area said they were disturbed by the incident.

SL News Blog said Police have arrested one man suspected of being among the group and is currently helping with investigation.

Meanwhile, one eye witness disclosed that the team came well dressed in their EDSA uniform and vehicle before one of the them climbed the pole cutting the cables.

“We were not able to understand their operations as we are not electrically inclined and thought they were trying to fix up the light or other connections for us. We watched them for a moment cutting the cables and packing them in the vehicle and a woman alerted the police for their intervention and once the police arrived they ran away,” he said.

They claimed that, the process started from 5pm with some guys dressed in their official EDSA uniform and started cutting the cable.

The spokesperson from the EDSA maintained that, they have to follow up with the case to ascertain that these were workers of the Authority. He claimed that they were replacing the copper with aluminium for which they have to investigate more to know who sent them and the reason.