Shengeh Village, the hometown of Chief Donald K Williams, a leading contender in the upcoming paramount chieftaincy elections, witnessed a wave of violence as unidentified individuals set fire to multiple houses.

Chief Williams, touted as the most popular aspirant among seven contestants from the Kpanabondoh Ruling House, has directly suffered from this act of electoral violence.

The unrest, which has now spread beyond Shengeh Village, has affected neighboring communities including Tabay, Genya, and Njama Town, with numerous houses destroyed in the process. In a separate alarming incident, the compound of female aspirant Madam Amy Tator Kallon was targeted by unidentified assailants, resulting in the burning of her barray (traditional gathering place). Reports indicate gunfire during the attack, including shots directed at Madam Tator’s husband, though no fatalities have been reported at this time.

Authorities are actively investigating the motives behind these acts of violence and are committed to identifying the perpetrators for legal action. In response to the escalating situation, security measures are being intensified to restore and maintain peace in the affected areas.

We will continue to monitor and provide updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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