The late FBC graduate, Emadu Rogers who was laid to rest yesterday at the Kingtom cemetery, funeral stunned the whole of Freetown and Sierra Leoneans leaving outside of Freetown. 

The company of sympathizers who escorted the deceased to his final resting place were so huge yesterday that people were amazed as a young man like Emadu Rogers could attract so many people to his grave like a President’s funeral ceremony.

According to one sympathizer interviewed during the escort, he said he do not know Emadu Rogers but following the tragedy over social media it is so emotional to him that he has to pay his respect to him.

Another interviewed made mentioned of how loving, caring Emadu Rogers was, he said he was not that lucky to have enjoyed the charactertics explained by many but had to pay his last rest to him to a colleague youth and expressed his heartfelt condolences to the bereave family of Emadu Rogers.